The Art Of Vinyl Mixing



Learn all the skills required to become a vinyl DJ, and get ready to record your own DJ sets.

E110101, Djs and producers duo from Argentina, began their career in 2014.

They have been a fundamental part of the Buenos Aires’s underground scene, which allowed them to perform next to many great artists in Latin America.

In 2016, they created Detroit Classic Gallery as a music music label.

To date, E110101 have performed in many of the most recognized clubs and events, such as Tresor, Rex Club, Paradise, Cocoliche,  among many others.

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With years of DJing experience and teaching passion, we founded this course. Our teaching background helped us understand aspiring DJs’ needs, motivating us to create an educational platform for music enthusiasts.

Just like a DJ crafts a musical story through selection and manipulation, here, we explore the tools necessary to bring the music to the dancefloor.

In this module, we guide you through the fundamentals of listening, analyzing, and understanding electronic music that every DJ should master.

DJs combine tracks to create a continuous experience. Here, we dive into cueing and releasing your vinyl records.

In this module, we focus on the critical skill of discerning whether a vinyl track is playing faster or slower than the one currently rocking the dancefloor.

Learn to start syncing two vinyl records as professional dj use to

Improve you vinyl beatmatching and shorten the process by following these exercises step-by-step.

In this chapter we will teach you how to beatmatch tracks from the moment you release the record to the mix without missing the sync.

Once you’ve mastered vinyl beatmatching, this module focuses on mixing tracks from two records. You’ll discover the techniques and strategies to create smooth transitions.

Learn how to analyze and identify marks on your vinyl records to create advanced mixes.

This module delves into advanced DJ techniques and skills (drops and backspin) as professional DJs.

Learn to interpret audience behavior on the dancefloor and discover techniques to elevate your DJ performance.

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What is found in DCG Academy?

For everyone

No prior knowledge needed. This masterclass will give you everything you need to know in order to start mixing music.

Knowing the equipment

You will learn how to use the standard equipment that you will be able to find in most of the clubs around the world.

Become a DJ

Learn how to mix music by following, step by step, the exercises that have been prepared so you can rapidly incorporate every lesson in this course.

Boost your Dj sets

Take your dj sets to the next level by using advanced skills like Drops & Backspins

Organize your music

As djs, it is important to know and organize and prepare our music in a better way before playing.

Start your own journey

Some tips and recommendations you may find useful if you are looking for a professional DJ career.

What people say about this...

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Muy bien explicado, no solo te enseñan a mezclar sino también conceptos básicos de la música electrónica y como manejarte en tus fechas. Super recomendable
Tomas Ausino
Tomas Ausino
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A great approach to the core concepts of how to DJ, accompanied with creative tools and tips from Sol. With practice, it'll make you sound pretty good
Read More
Difícil de encontrar un curso online de dj tan completo. Esta armado de tal forma que hace que sea súper llevadero..cada segmento del curso es clave a la hora de poner en practica los conocimientos para tocar.
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Realmente me sirvieron mucho los videos, super dinámicos y gracias al enfoque en detalles pude aprender cosas que siendo Dj, había pasado por alto. Años de experiencia en una guía muy práctica, pasional y completa sobre como enfrentar una cabina.
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Excellent didactic material. It is good both for new people in the world of djing and for experienced looking to reinforce their knowledge and incorporate new tools. Practical, concise, and educational.

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